How To Choose Best Hair Dryer

Ionic technology makes negative ions that separate water atoms in your hair, smoothing it and forestalling flyaways. Positive ions can be aimed at the roots to support volume.

Ceramic or tourmaline heating components are believed to be less harmful to your hair than metal ones, as they discharge infrared hotness and lock in moisture. Ceramic hair dryers disseminate heat all the more equitably, forestalling “hot spots” and limiting hotness harm. Tourmaline hair dryers discharge negative particles for a smoother finish.

Wattage and weight. Higher wattage implies more grounded wind current and along these lines a quicker dry time. Be that as it may, higher wattage hair dryers will more often than not be heavier and harder to control.

Different speed and hotness settings, High velocity and hotness are best for drying hair rapidly, while a lower speed and hotness give seriously styling control and cutoff points tangling and frizziness.